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Fernox Solar Protector S1 20 Litre

•An inhibited heat transfer fluid for all solar thermal applications •Frost protection to -28 degrees C •Volatile corrosion inhibitor for protection in gas and liquid phases •Stable pH across the range of operational temperatures •Compatible with all makes and models of solar panels •Benchmarked against market leading products
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  • Summary

    An inhibited heat transfer fluid which is designed to protect all solar thermal heating systems at elevated temperatures. This product is effective both in the gaseous and liquid state at temperatures in excess of 180 degrees C. Supplied as a ready-to-use premix which should not be diluted prior to use. It is classified as non-hazardous and non-irritant, but should be handled with the usual care

  • Specifications

    Availability: Ask in Branch
    Product Type: Protector
    Manufacturer Name: Alpha Fry Ltd
    MPN: 57674
    Product Product Width (mm): 280
    Product Product Height (mm): 250
    Range: Protector
    Colour: Orange
    Capacity (L): 20
    Application: Solar Thermal Heating Systems

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