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Testo 922 Hvac Thermometer Kit

•Testo 922 digital thermometer and 2 x velcro pipe wrap probes •Suitable for engineers needing temp. differential testing on pipework •Displays differential temperature •Cyclical printing of readings, e.g. once a minute •Continuous display of max/min values •Hold button to freeze reading •Display light
Only £235.00 Ex VAT
  • Summary

    The differential thermometer records temperature values from 2 connected thermocouple probes and displays them simultaneously. The reading from an additional temperature probe can also be wirelessly displayed in the testo 922 measuring instrument; i.e. measurement data is transmitted by radio. Differential temperature can be called up immediately. Current measurement data such as max/min data can be printed on the Testo fast printer on site. It is possible to print measurement data once a minute, for example, on the printer if cyclical printing is in operation.

    Kit includes – Testo 922-2 Dual Channel Differential Thermometer.
    Velcro Pipe-Wrap Temperature Probes x2
    Waterproof Immersion Probe
    Calibration Protocol
    Carrying Case

  • Specifications

    Product Type: Thermometer
    Manufacturer Name: Testo
    MPN: 300563 9221
    Product weight (kg): 0.171
    Product Length (mm): 182
    Product Width (mm): 64
    Product Height (mm): 40
    EAN: 4029547016684
    Colour: Black

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