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Sentinel X100 HTX100RD Rapid Dose inhibitor


Heavy-duty inhibitor
Protects against limescale and corrosion
Energy Saving Trust Recommended
TripleTech™ Anti-Corrosion Technology
Suitable for all system metals
pH neutral formulation
Ensures optimum system efficiency
Suitable for hard, soft and artificially softened water
Helps prevent the formation of hydrogen gas
A simple test kit is available to check levels
Prevents pin-holing

Only £17.29 Ex VAT
  • Summary

    Sentinel X100 Rapid Dose Inhibitor provides protection for clean hydronic heating systems against limescale and corrosion. Suitable for use in all types of indirect heating system, Sentinel X100 Inhibitor will extend the life of the system, ensuring maximum efficiency and minimising fuel usage.

  • Specifications

    Product Type: Inhibitor
    Volume: 300ml
    Range: X Range
    Manufacturer Website:

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